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Bloomington Elementary

Community Council

Bloomington Elementary’s Community Council is comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators who work together to improve student achievement. Council members meet together several times during the year to assess the school’s improvement needs. All parents are invited to attend. All parents are invited to serve on the Community Council. 

Schedules & Minutes

Meetings are held at Bloomington Elementary in our conference room. 

**All meetings are open to the public & greater school community.

Council Responsibilities

  • Review school RISE/Acadience data. RISE/Acadience is a series of student tests.  Councils should review group results but individual data should not be shared. Other assessments may also be reviewed
  • Review School Safety Plan
  • Develop a School LAND Trust Plan
  • Develop a Child Access Routing Plan
  • Advise the school administration on local school issues
  • Provide an opportunity for issues of concern in the community to be presented to the school administration

Council Members

  • Chair- Elsha Haberle
  • Co-Chair- Alisha Madsen
  • Member-Mary Schroeder
  • Member-Emily Sandberg
  • Member-Kyle Layton
  • School Employee – Amanda Green
  • Principal-Susan Moore

      Elections for the Community Council take place each year in August. This is one of the many ways that we encourage our school community to become involved in the education process.


      Our School Community Council is primarily responsible for the creation of our School LAND Trust Plan. This plan is created annually by analyzing our school testing data to determine the greatest academic need. The money our school receives from the School LAND Trust fund is allocated according to our plan.

      Our school is grateful for the School LAND Trust program and the opportunity we have as a school to allocate the funds to support our targeted and specific needs. The Council assists with school improvement, and make decisions on how to best spend the Trust LANDS funding. More information regarding the work of the Council and the current plan can be found by visiting the School LAND Trust Website: School Land Trust